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Money tracker

Money tracker

Money tracking through your phone and your "Windows PC".
Quick data entry

Quick data entry

With the "widgets" and shortcuts can quickly enter the desired transactions.
Customize your categories

Customize your categories

Create your categories with the icon you want and control your expenses with a much more visual style.
Create different budgets to control your expenses.


Check and compare your expenses and income with the different graphics we have.


Organize your debts and make notifications to alert you when you pay or collect.


Sync your account with your android devices and soon also with your Windows PC.
Download for Android
Download the Android app by clicking on the image.
Download for windows
Download for windows section where you show all download links.

“MoneyMe” is a program for Windows PC and Android devices that lets you control your expenses, income, debts and coupons quickly and easily.

The program is free and has an intuitive, fast and effective to insert your expenses and then be able to control and view statistics on your Android device or Windows PC.

Create online accounts to sync Windows PC to Android and backwards.

I hope you like the program, any suggestions you can do it through the program.

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  1. nolan974 says:

    it would a good thing to know how much money we can spend each day ( money left divided by number of day left in the month)

    Thanks for this app,


  2. SEVENRV says:

    buenas, esta excelente demasiado util, ….lo unico que en version para windows al aƱadir pago en una deuda no se puede crear una transaccion directa , y tambien sucede al hacer una lista de compras en version para windows no se puede hacer la transaccion. y en version para android una vez ingresado un presupuesto no da opcion de modificarlo o borrarlo.

  3. EtaBeta says:

    Hello to all
    sorry for the bad English. Very nice software, after much research I found something simple but functional. One question I have a PC with a resolution of 1680×1050 ( http://imageshack.com/a/img844/2833/d3w5.jpg ) and the dialog you see MoneyMe small and you can not put it to full screen. With 1280×1050 ( http://imageshack.com/a/img850/7191/qg2s.jpg ) resolution would be fine but not for me.

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